beautiful. had a similar experience this past week. will write about it today. The more I think about it, the more I realize I like reading your content and content similar to what you and I write. Any more recommendations?

Almost specifically looking for interesting people writing about their day to day. College aged is a plus, but not a req.

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"Ambiguity leads to endless curiosity" - our mindset summarized in one line.

The lessons that we learned from getting to a 1000 subscribers are more valuable than the number itself. There is one question that I keep coming back to, "How could we have been smarter about this?" or "What should we have done differently?" Some other questions to think about:

What should our next goal be? How can we ensure that we do not lose focus of what's important? How can we get better at building trust among strangers?

Still can't believe how crazy week one was. From UIUCFreeFood to UIUC Talkshow to the secret upcoming project. We gotta keep the momentum going!!

Excited to see what follows 💪

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