Juan David's Newsletter - May 9, 2021

Finals Season

Hi there,

It’s finals season so I’ll be brief.

I’ve been studying, signing up for summer classes, and working on a few projects. I’ll tell you more on a different occasion.

Curiosities 📝🎙🎧

1. Notecards After Watching TEDx Talk.

Last week, my AP U.S. History teacher sent me an email telling me he’d show my TEDx Talk to his class.

A few of them even wrote notecards with their reactions and thoughts.

This is why I gave the talk. I hope some of them will change the way they think about themselves and the world.

2. Podcast Interview with The Conspiracy of Goodness

One of the biggest supporters of my efforts, Dr. Lynda, interviewed for The Conspiracy of Goodness Podcast. A platform where she shares the stories of people to prove we still live in an amazing world.

Listen to our conversation here —> Website, Spotify, Apple Podcasts.

We talked about how to think for yourself, why you shouldn’t network, and Richard Hamming’s important problems.

3. College is an Investment, right?

You know there's something messed up with our college education when most people see it as an insurance but think it's an investment.

If we see it as insurance. What are we expecting to happen?


4. Favorite Song Lately

Especially, the beginning!!

5. 100 Days of 100 Vlogs

I presented about what I did over quarantine in a class.

One of the craziest things I probably did was making 100 YouTube videos for 100 days in an arrow. I didn’t even remember I did this.

Check out the playlist.

Lesson? The videos suck but allow me to learn to not care, to lose the fear, and simply start making them. In the beginning, the videos will be bad but over time they will improve.

In my first video, I was scared and wasn’t myself. In my latest video (posted last week), I was a bit more comfortable and focused on conveying the idea as best as possible.

So far, I’ve posted 160 videos, and they continue to improve video by video.

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Wish me well with finals! One more week and freshman year will be over!

See you then,

Juan David Campolargo