Juan David's Newsletter - May 23, 2021

Beginning of Summer

Hi there,

To kickstart the summer, I went on a road trip with some friends. I'm writing this on a visitor center where I connected to a WiFi to send you this week's issue.

Before we talk again, here's a picture from the top of a mountain after hiking seven miles of snow, sand, and wildlife (bears and bison are not as friendly as you'd expect).

After taking these pictures, I realized the greatness of such landscapes cannot be captured by our photos because they are minimized to fit our black mirrors. It's never the same.

I wrote down this problem and might later work on improving how we remember and capture these memories. The ideal scenario would be to somehow teleport to the top of this mountain again to relive the moment.

We'll see. Wait, Is that bison coming? Gotta go!!


Juan David Campolargo