Juan David's Newsletter - June 20, 2021

A Sexy 43-Year-Old Creating Brain-Computer Interfaces, Send Postcards to Space, Make Gifts for People.


Summer is exactly what I expected: SO MUCH FUN. The number of projects and ideas you can work on with so little time is what makes life so preciously beautiful.

I hope I can share some of them by the end of the summer when they’re finished (or finished enough).

Last Sunday, I went on a 30-mile bike ride, and throughout the week I’ve been learning, studying, and being incredibly excited about ideas.

I’ve realized that if you’re crazily ambitious, you don’t want to go back to the “real world” because the online world is the only one that allows you to expand your horizons and do as many things as you'd like.

Today is also Father’s Day! Happy Father’s Day to you and your Fathers. On this day, I’d recommend you read this essay I wrote about my father and this one by Daniel Schmachtenberger.

👋☀️😎 Curiosities! Here we go!

Don’t miss the bonus I included at the end about “Making Gifts for People.”

Curiosities 🧠🚀🎁

1. One Goodish YouTube Video

I can finally say my YouTube videos are getting better (or you can they suck less) but what matters is that when I finished editing this video I genuinely felt proud. So much that I didn’t think I made that video (maybe not that much but you get the point).

Let me know what you think with suggestions and comments.

If you have ideas for future videos, send them my way. Moshe took the lead and already gave me one.

2. Science: Engine of the Economy, Technology, and Innovation

There are so many examples such as the internet, the tv, vaccines, etc that came from science. If you want to learn more, you can read this essay or this one.

In this 7-min video, they explain where air filters came from. Guess what? They came from science.

3. Bryan Johnson: Brain-Computer Interfaces & Radically Building The Future

When you think of crazy entrepreneurs, you may think of Elon Musk but recently I found a crazier one who is trying to merge the brain and computers, eats one meal a day, is 43 years old but has the physical of a teenager, and developed a better approach, than first principles, called Zeroth Principles.

Who is this? Bryan Johnson is the founder of Kernel, and previously Braintree, and Venmo.

How to learn more?

Read this article by Ashlee Vance (the person who wrote Elon’s biography).

If you’re still interested, which I know you will. Watch this deep interview with Lex Fridman where they tried on the brain-computer interface, talked about eating one meal a day, and discussed Zeroth Principles Thinking.

Can’t recommend it enough.

4. Send Large Private Files

Sending large files over the internet is so complicated and slow but this website makes it simple. Check it out here.

“Keep what you share private and make sure your stuff doesn't stay online forever.”

5. Send Postcards to Space

Blue Origin created an initiative to send postcards to space to inspire people to get interested in the field.

Here’s how it works: Once you sent your postcard, they’ll send it up to space, send it back to Earth, stamped them with "Flown to Space," and mail it back to you.

Learn more about the initiative here.

Send your postcard here.

BONUS: Make Gifts for People by John Green

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